Virtually every house on Eagle Hill is over hundred years old. Many generations have lived under the roofs of our historic houses. Researching your house history can be a fascinating journey into the world of they days gone by.

Deed Research

Tracing deed history back to the original deed is a good way to start researching your house history. Not only it will tell you all the previous owners, but it will also often provide with their occupation and marital status.

Not too long ago, deed research was a tedious process which required hours spent looking through dusty records at the register of deeds. Luckily, all the Suffolk County deed records have been digitized and are available online

Your goal is to find the original deed. It will either be from the East Boston Company or from William Sumner.

An example of Original Deed

The deed records are organized in books. Every single deed will mention the previously recorded deed in a form of book number and page number. By stepping back one deed at a time, you will eventually arrive to the original deed.