Full Address: 84 Eutaw St, East Boston, MA 02128

84 Eutaw

The house at 84-86 Eutaw St, East Boston, MA is an example of a common to Eagle Hill ‘Triple Decker Impostor’ type. Originally a mansard duplex, this house was altered in the early 20th century, to accomodate an ever growing need for apartment housing. The mansard was replaced with a full third floor and a flat roof.

The house was rehabilitated in 2015. The facade was stripped of non-original siding. The historic clapboards as well as window trim were restored.

Like almost every other house on the Eagle Hill, 84 Eutaw st has a very interesting piece of history attached to it. It involves a historical artifact that some old time inhabitants of East Boston might still remember. There used to be a statue of Andrew Jackson prominently displayed in front of a grand house at 170 Lexington St, East Boston MA. The page didicated to that house shows the statue on a historic photograph. This statue is now part of New York’s renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art collection

So, how is this all related to 84 Eutaw? It turns out that the William H. Rumney, a talented ship figurehead carver used to live there. Daniel Dennis Kelly of 170 Lexington, a prominent East Boston shipbuilder, commisioned Rumney to carve the statue for him.