Full Address: 70 Trenton St, East Boston, MA 02128

This house was constructed sometime between 1843 and 1855 by developer Gotham Bush, as evidenced by the original deed from the East Boston Company to Mr. Bush. This house is two and a half story unornamented Greek Revival, just like 64, 66, and 68 Trenton st which were all developed by Mr. Bush. It was then sold to Cushing Barnes, a shipwright in 1855. 70 Trenton

The street numbering in East Boston was changed at some point in 1870s. The original building number for this house was 55.

The original facade was taken down and rebuilt in 1924 at a cost of $4000. The facade of 68 Trenton, with which this building shares a firewall, was also rebuilt at some point which might indicate an original construction defect.

The front entryway was lost and replaced with poor quality 20th century doorway, surrounded by vinyl siding. The wood entryway stairs, typical for Greek Revival were replaced by modern low-maintenance bricks. 70 Trenton

In 2014, the entryway was restored. Brick stairs were replaced with wooden. Front door was replaced with 1870s italianate double doors. While that’s not a faithful reproduction of typical Greek Revival side door with sidelights, it is in keeping with a style of repair that could have been performed in late 19th century. 70 Trenton