Full Address: 124 Lexington St, East Boston, MA 02128


This house was built in 1873. The style is italianate second empire. The building has a large lot and originally featured a conservatory on the right side. At some point it was demolished to make way for another house. 124 Lexington


Mr. George Hargrave was a notable carpenter and builder who constructed over 100 houses in East Boston. When building his own house he intended it to be a model and showcase of his fine craftsmanship. 124 Lexington

Or as East Boston Advocate put it:

The fine residence of Mr George Hargrave, No. 124 Lexington street which is the admiration of all who have passed by it during its progress is now completed and will be ready for occupancy in about a week. Mr. Hargrave has always intended (so be informs us) to erect a dwelling house for his own use which should be in every respect a model. To this end he has for years had in his mind a plan which he has now put in shape, and the result is one of the finest edifices for private purposes to be seen in East Boston.

It is two and a half stories with a French roof, and contains 13 rooms. The wood work of the interior, lower and second stories is of black walnut and ash, bathrooms and water-closets on each floor. The view from the chamber windows is grand; of the harbor, the city proper, Dorchester Heights, etc. As may be imagined, the labor in the building is of the very best. The masonry was done by W. J A. Stevens; the slate work- by Messrs. Warner & Son; the hard wood doors and mantles were made by Messrs. Mansou & Peterson, and are the fluest ever put into any house in East Boston, each of the front door, costing $85 unglazed; the stairs and stair ornaments were the work of Mr. J. M. Prior; the plumbing was done by Carruthers & Co. the piping for gas by Messrs. Wm. Waters & Son; and the chandeliers were furnished by Mr. David Burns; the painting was by W. Weston; the graining which is beautifully executed was by the hand of Thomas A. Niland; paper hanging was by Mr. Samuel W. Wharff.

124 Lexington

Mr. Hargrave died in 1877. 124 Lexington

This house stayed in Hargrave family until 1960s, when it was sold to the Walker family.


  • Hargrave Geo., carpenter, house 164 Lexington


  • Hargrave Geo., carpenter, house 124 Lexington
  • Hargrave Geo. W., carpenter, bds. 124 Lexington
  • Hargrave T. C., mechanical engineer, b. 22 Cortes


  • Hargrave Albert C. chairmaker, b. 124 Lexington, E. B.
  • Hargrave George Mrs. h. 124 Lexington, E. B.
  • Hargrave George W. carpenter, h. 124 Lexington, E. B.
  • Hargrave William H. clerk, 57 Commercial, bds. 168 Sumner


  • Hargrave Arthur H mgr 141 Milk rm 333
  • Hargrave Charles F real estate 288 Meridian E B h do
  • Hargrave George W pres Sumner Savings Bank E B and real estate and insurance 32 Central sq do h 124 Lexington do
  • Hargrave Mary A widow of George h 124 Lexington E B


  • Hargrave George W pres Sumner Savings Bank 25 Meridian E B h 124 Lexington do
  • Hargrave John W undertaker h 252 Princeton E B
  • Hargrave Nancy Mrs h 3 Dilworth